Important stuff:

Anyone can take a photo which is why the world is full of cheap photographers.
The art is in the lighting, the structure, the composition and capturing that perfect moment. 
We are not the cheapest photographers in the area, but we are one of the best.

♥ Even if you don not book us, don't forget to check your chosen photographer is fully insured. If there are any accidents, some photographers are not insured so you cannot claim.

♥ There are nearly always children at weddings, so make sure your photographer has a DBS check, just to be safe.

♥ Look at the speed and quality of their work before you make up your mind. Sometimes you could wait months to see your images because the photographer has taken bad photographs and has to spend a lot of time editing them in post production.

♥ It's your special day and these reassurances always help manage the stress!