Cheap or Chic

Wow - what cheap prices for prints and photographic products there are on the market! Much better than pricey Barkers Photographic! 

Sure enough, if you put so little value on your memories, pictures of loved ones, artwork for your home or gifts for your friends and family, by all means go for the cheap option. However, let us point out just a few of the reasons why we don‘t do cheap here at Barkers:-
Take a step back from the disreputable looking geezer inviting you inside for cheap as chips sittings. It is a simple thing to obtain the equipment needed to set up a studio and photographic printing service and present yourself as competent and professional. Whoever bothers to check? Well, by the amount of customers who come into our shop asking us to help with decidedly dodgy looking prints, ruined memories of special occasions, and plasticky looking canvases etc. etc. perhaps proof of quality should be taken into account. 

For example, the printing kiosks within large stores, pop-up shops and lower quality chains are easily accessible. Your images will simply be entered into the system and prints produced uniformly at the end with no checks being made during the process.

Here at Barkers every customer is greeted with the offer of assistance on how to use the kiosk, as not everyone is confident with the operation. Once the order is placed, one of our expert staff will examine every single image to ensure it is being printed out to the highest standard, making sure the picture is centred accurately and the lighting and colours adjusted to their best advantage. You are also able to give specific instructions, which we always endeavour to fulfil.

As for studio shoots, corporate photography and events, these are all done by our team of professional and award winning photographers. They actually know how to arrange the correct poses, set up the flattering lighting and work all those fiddly little settings on their top quality cameras (as opposed to just being able to point the lens and click the button). 

The same professionalism and quality goes into our canvasses, with the best quality materials being used to produce work of excellence. This ideal is applied to all our work and products across the board.

So take a step up from the bargain basement, without having to pay penthouse prices. Welcome to the Barkers Photographic work ethic.

09 2015