Babies & Children photography



What better way to show off the newest addition to your family than by having some beautiful, professional photos taken. They grow up so fast so we know that you want to treasure those unforgettable early stages for as long as possible. That first year is filled with so many pivotal moments, from their first smile to their first steps. We offer you opportunity to capture those remarkable changes by having a series of three photoshoots spaced over the period of around a year. This is designed to show the progress of your baby so you can look back and remember that significant time in their lives.

If you have more than one child we do offer sibling photoshoots. Your children are at that age where you can really see their personalities developing, so what we want to do is capture the awesome individuals they’re turning into. Our outstanding photographers will ensure that the experience is fun and relaxed for you and your child. We know the key to a good photo is ensuring that they’re enjoying themselves. We encourage you to bring your child’s favourite toys or dress up outfits to ensure that they’re happy and comfortable so that they can enjoy the shoot.

This way we can get lots of lovely smiling pictures for you to treasure.

Here at Barkers we know that it’s such an exciting time when you’re expecting. You have so many fantastic memories to make with your new child and we want to help you capture that magical time before all that. Whether it’s your first time expecting or you already have a few little ones, we know every pregnancy is an unforgettable experience.

Our first priority is to ensure that you’re comfortable, because we know that’s when we can take the most beautiful photos of you and you bump. Our highly skilled photographer will ensure that all your photos are flattering and beautiful so you’ll be able to look back on them for years to come and love what you see. We have a changing room available so you’re welcome to bring a change in outfits and if you want to bring any other family members along to celebrate the new addition to your family, you’re more than welcome.